The Best Pitcher In The World Is A Man Named Paul Skenes

I know Hubbs just wrote this blog. Here's more on Paul Skenes because he deserves it.

Daniel Shirey. Getty Images.

Paul Skenes is maybe the best pitcher in the world right now. Certainly not outside the top 10 and definitely only getting better in the immediate near future. 

He pitched again today against the Cubs - his 2nd career start, both against Chicago. He had this to say pregame, a borderline must watch clip to set the stage for this blog: 

The glance. The laugh. The confidence having not even 5-innings to his name when that question is asked. It's generational big league stuff, and he followed it up by striking out the first 6 hitters today: 

He struck out a lot: 

6 hitless innings. No runs. 11 strikeouts and 1 walk while hitting 100mph on his 100th pitch of the game: 

There are so many good pitchers in baseball. I don't know how many throw 102 with 17 inches of arm side run and plus command. I don't know how many have plus-plus breaking balls that grade out for the 9th inning of a hall of fame closer's career, much less for a starting pitcher. 

He's everything you want and more, and he's at that level right now. Again - only getting better too. 

As evidenced: typically today's match up would favor the lineup that literally JUST SAW the same pitcher. He went last weekend against the Cubs. No team would be more prepared to see him in his 2nd start, and he just went hitless with double digit K's. 


I can't imagine the reactions in the dugout and across the league as his career unfolds. It's legendary in the making and I say that hating being the guy who has to say that kind of shit. I'd much rather watch him struggle and be humbled by the game vs. dominating my Chicago Cubs inside and out on a Friday. Nothing about this blog makes me happy or comfortable as I'm due maybe another 20 Paul Skenes Fuck You starts over the next 5-6 seasons. At least another 20. 

Mix in Jared Jones and the rest of their farm system with Derek Shelton's leadership, and you might just see Bob Nutting sell this team. That's another path forward and it's good for everyone in baseball. If we get there, we'll throw a party at Barstool River North that will blow your tits clean off your fuckin chest. I promise you that as a spiteful Cubs fan. Fuck Bob Nutting. 

Anyways this Paul Skenes guy is very good. 

And like I said at the top, there's a chance he's already the best pitcher in the world. Maybe. You have to watch to find out for yourself, which I can't recommend enough.