Paul Skenes Electrifies Wrigley Field As He Fires Off Six Hitless Innings And 11 Strikeouts In Just His Second Career MLB Start

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Paul Skenes was recently asked what his thoughts were on hitters adjusting to him as the game moves along. Facing the Cubs for the second consecutive start, it wasn't out of the realm of thought that they'd fair better. Here were his incredible thoughts on that concept. 

"Go ahead and adjust. Good luck."

About as baller a statement as you can make. And when you consistently throw as hard as he does, with equally disgusting secondary stuff, you can say whatever the hell you want. That's the kind of confidence you need to be great. Paul Skenes is great. 

Skenes said that before dismantling the Cubs today for six innings, not allowing a single hit, striking out eleven batters, and walking just one. He began the game fanning the first seven batters he faced. Here were the first 10. 

As his pitch count approached its limit, it was obvious Mike Tauchman would be his final batter of the day with two outs in the 6th. On pitch number 100 he dialed it back for 100mph to rack up strikeout number 11. Absolutely fucking electric. 

Scariest part of it all? Skenes was squeezed today. Umpire did him no favors with the outer-top and bottom of the zone. He lost his perfect game bid on a walk, where during the at bat he surely had struck out the hitter. Dude still went six hitless innings, despite not having blue on his side. Terrifying. If pitch count wasn't a thing and we didn't care about long-term health, I'm certain he would have thrown a no-hitter.

Funny to realize he doesn't watch the offense when he's pitching so he stays locked in. The Pirates had three straight innings with multiple runs scored. Long innings too as he just waits in the tunnel. Amazing he's able to keep his cool and just wait for someone to get him and say it's time to go back out there. I'd have a nervous breakdown. 

Paul Skenes and Mason Miller are appointment teleivison, must watch pitchers. Even if you don't like baseball, you'd have a blast watching them throw. Please, both of you stay healthy. 

And yes, Skenes gets to go home to Livvy Dunne. Unfair life. A living God we must admire every fifth day. The man has it all. 

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