Mook Just Went Evil Knievel And Jumped Over Titus With A Bike

Today's Yak was for our guy, Jonathan Stanko. We put together a special show to raise money for his upcoming wedding as he was just diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. He's our guy and we're all behind him. Except maybe Nick who complained that his gluten allergy may bother him if he ate a donut today.

Part of the day was a dizzy donut where we had to do dizzy bat and eat a donut. Brandon had a tough time.

Neither was Big Cat.

Stanko also loves Taylor Swift and wouldn't you know it? Taylor super fan Big Cat nailed his T-Swift trivia!

We also played a game of "Finding Mintzy" where we had to find Mintzy in the office as fast as possible. Only twist was that he was hiding. Turns out, he's a good hider!


But it all culminated in a stunt-man jump for the two losers of the day. Mook was set to jump over Titus with a bike on a ramp and it was everything we could've hoped for and more.

This was all to support our guy Stanko. Check his movie reviews on and if you're up to donating to a great guy who has fallen on some hard times, here is his venmo.