Legendary Performance: Scottie Scheffler Says He Prepped For His Round By Stretching In A Jail Cell, Went Out And Shot A 5-Under

Incredible quote from a guy, who, you know was ARRESTED this morning. 

And what does he do? Shoots one of the rounds that will be talked about for decades and I might even be underselling that.

Scottie Scheffler goes to jail in the morning, shows up an hour before his tee time and shoots a 5-under 66. That's the stuff of legends right there. Do you know how much of a mental assassin you have to be in order to clear your mind, deal with the rain on top of everything else and play normal golf? Whatever it is, that's what Scottie did. 

It wasn't even that easy. He had 2 bogeys early on, including his 2nd hole. Pretty easy to see that and falter a bit, instead he played Scottie golf. If he found himself in trouble he just threw a dart. I don't think it was a debate who was the best golfer in the world coming into this event and whatever the gap was might go up in size. That's how confident I am in what I just saw from Scottie. 


Now, look, the stretching thing is hilarious. Obviously this whole scenario involves a tragedy with the worker who was killed this morning and then the Scottie arrest. He's saying all the right things. 

But here we are and Scottie is in contention, because of course he is. True legendary stuff to go out there and shoot a 5-under after stretching in jail. I really don't want to get arrested, but I'll take the birdies before my member-member. Basically the same thing as the PGA Championship and Scottie.