Update On EA Sports' Orchestrated Attack On Ohio State: The First Hire And Senior Producer Of The Game Is A "Devout Michigan Fan With Memorabilia All Over His Office"

So here's an ESPN article detailing how the game was made, and let me be very clear, do not read it. I only included it because I am going to quote it later with the most damning evidence since Watergate. But again, do not give any clicks to anyone promoting those FRAUDS over at EA Sports. In fact, at this current moment, I am debating if I am even going to purchase the new college football game, even though it is clearly going to be the best game of all time. Why, you may ask? Because EA Sports released the official trailer this morning, which was clearly a direct, personal, and orchestrated attack on Ohio State.

People have said I'm whining, people have said I'm crying, but NO ONE has said I'm wrong. The fact that the trailer put every single premier program in the sport, including apparently Wyoming (3x), in a positive light.....except Ohio State.....was the first tip off. But when you really look into it and realize that their appearances included:

1. A stiff-arm from Michigan

2. Which was immediately followed by a Kyle McCord in a Syracuse uniform sighting

3. And then an Illinois sighting, holding up the Illibuck Trophy, meaning they BEAT Ohio State for the first time since 2007…..and the scoreboard shows 52-42. 

If it wasn't obvious before this, it is now. That is absolute bullshit, and the obvious joke was that the designer of the game was a Michigan fan.

Guys, the fucking designer of the game was a Michigan fan!!!!!

Rob Jones, the senior production director of College Football, was Holt's first hire. A devout Michigan fan with memorabilia all over his office, Jones returned to EA in 2020 from 2K Sports, where he worked as a producer on the NBA 2K series for most of the 2000s and 2010s and helped launch the company's College Hoops series as the game's first producer.

What a fucking LOSER Rob Jones is! Be a fan of whoever you want, but how about we separate Church and State? The creators of video game, and especially those that have influence on their trailers, should be UNBIASED. This is a black eye on the company as a whole, and it will likely affect their sales now too. All for Rob Jones fat ass (never seen him, clearly fat though) to get a quick laugh. Hope you enjoy poor sales! You just lost my purchase (maybe…consider it an asterisk, like Michigan's title has), you fat dumb ugly fucking bum!


And it's not just Jones that has beef with Ohio State, it's the institution as a whole. 

EMBARRASSING! Undoubtedly a Top 5 program in the history of the sport, and a Top 3 in the last few decades, but we can't get anyone on the cover? Orchestrated.