A German Politician Filmed Himself Licking Public Toilets For God Knows What Reason

Obviously my initial reaction to seeing this video was what I would hope every persons reaction was, which is to say this classic gif.

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I know we don't kink shame here at Barstool. But I don't want to live in a world where licking public toilets is seen as anything but disgusting (obviously said in Sil's tone).

But then I got thinking about it and maybe this fella isn't completely vile to his core. I admittedly don't know much about Germans outside of them being good at engineering, bad at world wars, and don't mind poop play in the bed room. Granted that last fact has its roots embedded in random online jokes and an old South Park episode, but I've never known the internet, Trey Parker, or Matt Stone to tell a lie.

So maybe this politician was endearing himself to the voters by letting them know he is willing to get down and dirty for them in a country where licking a public toilet is seen as vile as eating a 20 rack of chicken nuggets here in America. Who am I to criticize Germans if that's how they get down? You can fuck around and get cancelled for that type of thinking in the year 2024. Different strokes for different folks. That's what I say! (I don't actually say that but it's a good phrase).

You can also make a case that based on what this guy is saying, he is clearly making good on a bet he lost. That doesn't make licking the toilets any less disgusting, but it does make it a little more honorable since a person that doesn't pay their debts is the lowest of the low in my eyes. Yes, even lower than toilet licking sickos.

There is also a chance that this was a private video that was never meant to see the light of day. If that's the case, I'd just blame this all being an AI deep fake since that's what politicians will claim for every scandal for the rest of our lives until the machines take over the world. Even with all that being said, I'd rather have a politician that loves licking toilets than a politician that shits all over the people that voted for him once he gets in office. No matter what happened, it's nice to know that politicians are fucked up all over the globe and not just in our crazy little corner of the world.


P.S. Credit to me for not making the obvious dad joke calling this guy a Germ Man despite every fiber of my old man brain wanting to do so.