The Next Star: Rugby Pro Turned Chiefs Player Louis Rees-Zammit Is Finding Himself In Rumors That He's Dating SI Swimsuit Model Xandra Pohl

Luke Hales. Getty Images.

We know the Chiefs and Andy Reid like to run some weird shit on offense. They'll break out Corndog or some other play with laterals and basically cool shit. So what do they do this offseason? Convince Louis Rees-Zammit to sign with them and stop playing rugby over in Europe. 

No idea how he'll work out, that's not the point of this blog. The point of this blog is him embracing being a football star on the reigning Super Bowl champs by apparently dating SI Swimsuit Rookie/TikTok DJ (a real thing, apparently) Xandra Pohl. 

[Source] - Louis Rees-Zammit and Xandra Pohl looked cozy together while exploring Kansas City this week.

The former European rugby star, who signed with the Chiefs in March, and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit rookie enjoyed a tour of his new city, as seen in photos Barley Bus Tours shared on Instagram.

Rees-Zammit, 23, and Pohl, 22, also took in a rollercoaster ride at Worlds of Fun theme park, according to separate photos shared by the park’s Instagram account.

Can't say it doesn't make sense. He's on a team where dudes are dating the biggest music star in the world, his quarterback's wife was in the Swimsuit Issue and they are in the news basically all the time. I'd only give up being a rugby star to play in the NFL if i came with making headlines for being rumored to dating a swimsuit model too. That's part of the American dream. 

Rookie of the Year type run like you dream about. That sentence applies for both of them too. I just need to see Rees-Zammit break out a rugby pass during game 1. Everyone is going to be watching, especially with the Chiefs being in the opening game. Make it the first kickoff for all I care, I'm very much on the side of wanting to see cool shit happen during plays. He's gotta have better hands than Kadarius Toney, so what's the worst case scenario if they start the season with an 8-yard out to him? 

On the flip side, the SI Swimsuit Issue is still a pageviews cheat code. You put that in the headline and a picture, thank you for the click. But it's competitive. You have Rookies trying to make names for themselves and Xandra Pohl is in that class. You want the invite back the next year. It's good for whatever brand you have. 

Either way, being in a rumor of dating a SI Swimsuit model is a hell of a start for Rees-Zammit. This is a step in being a star in America too.