The Giants 100th Anniversary Uniforms Are Dogshit But The Saved Face With The Gift Box They Are Giving Season Ticket Holders

Reags blogged his opinions on these uniforms, and it's safe to say anyone with a brain should agree they suck. 

They are so so so so so bad. However, for all the embarrassment these uniforms will cause for fans, the ticketing department has made up for it with a gift box including replica rings, and ticket stubs. This is the kind of stuff that makes it worth it when you spend thousands going to games, hours in the rain tailgating, and watching heartbreaking losses. 

For the most part ticketing departments and teams don't give a shit about you. I know this first hand having worked for the a professional franchise way back in my day. There was an initiative in May or June, where the team moved season ticket holders in the upper bowl down to lower rows, and better angles - which cost more money. Then three weeks later they opened up those same seats that people moved out of at half the price. When we were in the meeting and someone asked "what do I do when someone calls in and complains they just moved out of their seat that is now half price? " We were told "The owner said manage the bullshit but sell as much as possible and let it be a free for all." It was at that point I knew teams truthfully don't give a shit about their fans.


 So stuff like this shows at least a team tries to show your money is valued. Some teams try to give a bullshit item like a signed ball (which isn't signed individually its mass signed with a stamp) and they suck. This was thought out, it's awesome and it touches on what the season is all about which is the tradition of the franchise and all it's success over 100 years. Well done Giants.