Take No Chances: Will Zalatoris And Cam Young Were Seen Walking To The Course In The Rain After Scottie Got Arrested

I'm glad we got one of these videos. Lost in everything happening this morning is everyone else who is supposed to play golf. Now we have Cam Young and Will Zalatoris walking along the street in the rain to get to the course. That's brutal. I say this strictly as someone who doesn't want to walk to the course and then have to walk 18. Let me get a golf cart at some point here. Not to mention the rain! Walking in the rain just to have to change socks and stuff again before playing sucks. 

Smart from the Wake boys here though. Traffic everywhere, roads shut down, people having no idea what the hell is happening, Scottie arrested, released and arriving at the course. Meanwhile these are two good golfers! Not like they are nobodies. They are stuck just walking down the street. 

Not to mention these guys have early tee times. Cam Young is off at like 9:56 and Zalatoris is in the group behind Scottie. Brutal to not even be able to relax on a morning and waste more energy. Maybe I'm just anti-walking as much as possible, especially in the rain, but this is what happens when you're dealing with the biggest shitshow of a morning during a golf event we've ever seen.