I Need The Bears On Hardknocks Like I Need Air

We need Hard Knocks in Chicago this year. I don't think I have ever been more excited for a football season. I think for the first time ever in my life the Bears are "cool". There's both interest and enthusiasm locally and nationally. I am not a Nick Wright fan. In fact, if I were one of the crazy people at Barstool with an army I would probably deploy them after he went after our guy, Pat Bev. Having said that...I love being in the conversation 

Even me, Mr 10-Win-Floor in 2023, blushed and scoffed at the notion of the Bears being legit contenders immediately. I have high expectations, but I am going to let the season come to me and just enjoy it every Sunday. That's growth. Still great to see. And I want to see more of it. 

We had Tory Taylor on the MidShow last week. Guy is electric. This is the first time I've ever been a fan of a punter. 

If even the punter is cool you know you're in for a fun season and a great show on Hard Knocks. Eberflus changed his entire look. Guy is down right debonair now. Caleb, Rome, DJ, Cole, Keenan Allen, Tory Taylor, and a defense that looked legit and looked like they enjoyed each other last year. Flipping the script on the entire Bears history and identity. Who wouldn't want to see that? Who would rather watch a show about the Saints or Broncos?


Reading tweets about practice reps isn't enough for me. I want a heightened emotional connection to this team and this era. Hard Knocks makes you root for players on other teams that you have no business knowing that they even exist. Imagine how great it'll be for this Bears team. I need it. I want it. I've got to see it. Even if George and Poles don't want it…give us one. The fans overwhelmingly do. 

I want to have fun this year and I want the fun to start in August. BearDOWN