John Daly's PGA Championship Stats Is The Stuff Of Legends: 2 Packs Of Cigs, 2 Cokes, 4 Snickers, +11 And A WD From The Tournament

I know everything else at the PGA is easy to get lost now because of Scottie, but we need a quick blog about John Daly's PGA Championship run. This is the stuff of legends. Four Snickers bars? That's the most impressive thing. I mean I love Snickers, but you gotta mix it up from time to time. Maybe go 2 Snickers, a Twix bar and a Crunch or something like that. Even more impressive is the fact that he only needed two bottles of Coke to wash down that. You're out there eating chocolate and peanuts, you're gonna have that dry throat and need to swig some drinks. 

The +11 isn't shocking. I mean Daly isn't a good golfer anymore by major standards. He misses the cut all the time, but he's still out there competing. I just can't believe they snuck in the WD on a Friday morning. Fitting that we have Daly news though considering, you know: 

Either way, 2 packs of cigs, 4 Snickers and 2 Cokes is as impressive of a stat as we'll see this tournament. It's right up there with Xander shooting a 62 yesterday. The man can still deliver when he has to and that's the case here.