'I Told Them, I'll See Y'all Motherfuckers For Game 7' - Anthony Edwards Warned Nuggets Workers After Game 5 That He'd Be Back In Denver

Quick break from Scottie blogs to respect Anthony Edwards. There's not a man in the NBA made to give quotes more than Anthony Edwards. It also helps he's, you know, awesome. Telling a Nuggets locker room attendant that he'll see all those motherfuckers right after losing game 5 and going down 3-2 to the reigning champs is perfect Ant. I wouldn't expect anything else. He's ultra-competitive, not afraid to say anything and backs it all up.

Look at what he did in Game 6. 27/4/4 and 3 steals added in. Star, man. He can say whatever he wants when he plays like that and backs it up. I want to know what the locker room attendant did in this moment too. Based on everything we know about workers (we watched The Last Dance) they aren't afraid to get into a little shit talking. They are always liked by players, you get to know them a little bit, all that stuff. But Ant just going see y'all motherfuckers for game 7 is a great quote. 

I keep saying it but we need more athletes like Ant. I love them. There's nothing like guys who aren't afraid to say whatever they want, back it up and do it all with a shit-eating grin like Ant does. It makes him special. There are few like him in the world. Now we get to see him in Game 7 against the best player in the world and reigning champs? Hell yes. There's nothing like a playoff game 7 in any sport. If the Wolves win, we're going to get Anthony Edwards talking a lot of shit and frankly that's just good content.