C-SPAN Had Jerry Springer Feel Too It Yesterday As Majorie Taylor Greene And AOC Talked Shit About How Others Looked

And these people think they're too good for Billy Football? Shame

The representative democracy is alive and well! People always say that the common person doesn't have a voice in Congress. That isn't true, clearly. They've turned the halls of Congress into a Sorority house common area. Insults sound like any little pissy youtube comment section loser on their computer. Congress might represent the common citizen now more than any time in history. It was supposed to be our "best and brightest". Now it feels like we are inching towards settling policy debates at rough n rowdy. I say we just bring back dueling. Haven't had a good duel in Congress in forever. We've tried everything else. Maybe we need to get back to our roots. All we ever hear about is national debt and budget short falls. Set up a pay-per-view between these two and we can wipe the debt clean. Extra money and then using the threat of violence to keep the peace and order. Feels like a great idea. If we stick on the current path we are a few mean tweets away from chaos.