Pardon My Take Is Planning On Participating In The 'John Daly Challenge' - Two Packs Of Cigarettes, Four Snickers Bars, And Two Sodas During One Round Of Golf

About 12 hours ago, we all thought the most unique story coming out of the PGA Championship would be the entertaining presence of John Daly (obviously, the Scottie Scheffler news changed that). The 58-year-old's interesting outfits, green light to use a golf cart on the course, and use of other accessories while playing created a ton of buzz during his Thursday round at Valhalla.

To get specific, Gabby Herzig of The Athletic reported what Daly's specific numbers were when his round was complete:

Fast forward to today's episode of Pardon My Take, where Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter presented the idea that they had the intentions of participating in their very own "John Daly Challenge," where the objective is clear...

If we were to split up the responsibilities of the group for the inaugural "John Daly Challenge," Big Cat, PFT, and Hank seemed willing to take on the cigarette aspect of it. Personally, I think cigarettes are one of the worst smells in the world, so I respectfully declined.

Everyone is capable of taking down the Snickers on their own, that I am certain of. As for the two (2) sodas, I mean, there is no debate…

After preliminary discussions on today's show, the plan is for the crew to attempt to complete this challenge on our golf simulator in the office. As for when? Stay tuned. 

Meanwhile, John Daly had to withdraw from this week's PGA Championship after shooting an 83 yesterday due to a thumb injury. Sad. Hopefully we see him back on the course smoking cigs, drinking soda, and eating Snickers again soon.


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