Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead Mania Is Officially A Thing As Several Of His Bobbleheads Are Going For Thousands Of Dollars On eBay

Seems like that Ohtani guy is pretty popular in LA, eh? We saw an absolute scene at Dodger Stadium last night all over the best player in baseball, well a miniature version of him. Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead night had the place packed hours before first pitch. We're talking longgggggg snaking lines down the streets surrounding Dodger Stadium, all for the chance to get a bobblehead of Ohtani. Must be a pretty limited giveaway right? Wrong. Only the first 40,000 got them, so if you had a ticket there's a good chance you were getting one of these. But they did slip in 1,700 special edition road tray Ohtani bobbles so you know the collectors are going to be hunting those bad boys down. I was curious to see the prices on what these were going for since I consider myself a bobble collector, I've got a nice O's collection going but I don't think I could ever even try to process spending this much money on a bobblehead. 

Look at these numbers, we're talking a buy it now option for $3,600 for 1 of each color bobblehead! Someone has a buy now offer for a gray one for a cool $2,999.99 or whatever your best offer is. $5 grand for the one above that. Plenty of other bids starting anywhere between $1K to $2K, but. good amount going for a couple hundred bucks. Seems like a little much to spend on a bobblehead but you know people will lose their minds over these. It's not surprising at all, he's the face of baseball. The most talented player the game has ever seen and he's also just escaping everything in a massive gambling scandal. This guy is the King of LA, he's the King of baseball. 

Again, these are the lines HOURS before the game, sitting out all day for bobbleheads. You know guys were going in there and asking to buy other peoples for hundreds of dollars too, these guys are savages. I will say it seems to be pretty well behaved? Doesn't look like a zoo, just crowded. Doesn't seem like a rowdy crowd going crazy, just 40,000 Dodgers fans trying to get the rare road gray. A giveaway for the first 40,000 is wild too, it's a Thursday night and you're having the streets flooded with people just for a bobblehead. We've seen some wild lines and scenes for giveaways but this is on another level just like they said in the video. That looked like a playoff atmosphere, the lines the get in, the amount of people, what a cool scene.The Ohtani effect is real. 

Also an awesome scene here with the Dodgers guest for the game was a young man named Albert, a pediatric patent at UCLA who is fighting a heart disease and LOVES Ohtani. Shohei surprised him, told him that he gets to throw out the first pitch, suite seats and everything. What a cool moment for Albert on an all time cool night in LA.