Tweet Goes Viral Of Austin Citizens Tanning At 2PM On A Tuesday.....Work From Home Culture Gone Too Far?

Over the past few days, I'd venture to say this is one of the most viewed tweets. 25 million views!

Was there a hot girl if you zoomed in? Maybe, but that wasn't the reason. Instead, a debate surrounding work-from-home/work-life balance has emerged. 

The first tweet that took it to a new level:

I have no idea if Chris Bakke actually has a hedge fund....but if he does and he does this? Low key brilliant. Talk about field analysis! 

Looks like the hedge fund doesn't exist, but maybe this would launch one that brings in billions with one SIMPLE hack….banks HATE THEM!

I've always loved High Yield Harry's account, awesome stuff that makes me laugh….this, however, made me think. I understand why the 9-5 schedule has been around for a long time, but with the ability to make it 9-1 and then 4-6/7….wouldn't that be better? Especially in climates like Austin!!! Maybe it's just something for the summer? Obviously, with the market, it would not work for everyone! But why be under fluorescent lights all day when the sun is out. We know how beneficial the sun is for our health! 

We should name it the High Yield Harry schedule.


Speaking of product managers, this throwback from 2022 is hilarious: