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The Most OnlyFans Creators Reside In.....Connecticut....But Something Smells Fishy

OnlyFans is one of the most popular side hustles in the world right now. I don't know if it qualifies as a "second job" but it certainly is used by thousands (if not more) across this country to supplement their income. 

Thanks to a recent study by BedBible (what a name), we now know who has the most creators per capita....and it's CONNECTICUT. 

This is a shocker to me, who grew up in the great Nutmeg state. 

Here is the rest of the list:

1. Connecticut - 68 (per 100k residents)

2. Nevada - 55.8

3. Hawaii - 46.6

4. North Dakota - 45

5. Maine - 26.6

6. Iowa - 20.8

7. New Hampshire - 19.4

8. Indiana - 17.7

9. Florida - 15.9

10. Colorado - 15.2

Nevada, Hawaii, and Florida do not shock me....the others do. So, I began to dig in to the study from BedBible.

 “97% of these accounts are based in and around the city of New Haven, each earning a median of $427 per month,” a spokesperson from Bedbible said in a statement.

With 2464 accounts in CT....that means 2390 of the accounts are in NEW HAVEN? Meanwhile, 3.6% of the Connecticut population lives in New Haven. Even accounting for OnlyFans creators are college-aged and reside in cities, the statistical chance of this is very low. That MEANS there's something weird going on. 


I think Aric is onto something. 

There might be something going on in North Dakota too. 

The future of AI influencers is very scary, but very real. Gary Vee has said he thinks most influencers in 10 years will be AI….I just don't buy it…but I didn't buy Musically was going to be a big thing when he said the same thing in 2017. Now it's TikTok.