Ranking The Top 5 NFL Schedule Release Videos

No need for a bullshit introduction paragraph. The title tells you everything you need to know.

5. Tennessee Titans

Absolutely zero originality, but why fix what aint' broke? There's at least three different teams that have used this same format and every single one of them slaps. Anytime you give the internet an opportunity to laugh at other peoples lack of intelligence, the video will pop off. 

4. Pittsburgh Steelers


I couldn't have thought of a more perfect Deebo than James Harrison. The only thing I love more than a fit bird with a nice rack is a good ole dad joke, and I gotta give it to Pittsburgh, they crushed it. I laughed at every single joke. 

3. Philadelphia Eagles

If God had asked me what NFL team I would want to root for while he created me, my answer would have been the Philadelphia Eagles. I love these sicks fucks. I'd fit in like a fucking glove. I love when the social team makes the fans feel a part of the team. Calling in some of the biggest Eagles fans to make funny one liners about their upcoming opponents was both authentic and hysterical. 

2. LA Chargers

If I wasn't such a sucker for NFL Street this would be the clear number 1. Despite constantly under performing on the field, the Chargers continue to dominate the schedule release. I'll never forget last years schedule release where they animated Mike McDaniel ripping a vape. All time video.


1. Atlanta Falcons

Ughhh, watching this brought me back to my childhood man. NFL street was such an iconic game and a staple in every kids childhood. I don't know why they haven't brought it back yet. Madden is the biggest piece of dog shit to ever exist. There's no reason why they shouldn't bring this game back and give us fans a football game that's ACTUALLY enjoyable to play.