Throwback Thursday: Live - I Alone

For this week's installment I'm pulling a great suggestion from the comment section. 

Live is that band you crank up when you’re feeling all the feels and need to belt out some angst. Hailing from York, Pennsylvania, these guys formed back in '84 and really hit their stride in the 90s. We’re talking Ed Kowalczyk on vocals, Chad Taylor shredding on the guitar, Patrick Dahlheimer on the bass, and Chad Gracey on the drums. 

Their big break came with the 1994 album "Throwing Copper." If you were around then, you couldn’t escape it.

"I Alone" is everything you want in a rock anthem. The lyrics hit deep, talking about love, pain, and all that raw emotion. Ed's voice? Unmistakable. He’s got that intense, almost haunting vibe that makes you feel every word. The song quickly climbed the charts, hitting number six on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks and even making it to number 38 on the Hot 100. Not too shabby.

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p.s. - if you love alternative rock, classic rock, and indie, here's a mix I made a few years ago that cracks.