The Vatican Is About to Drop "Guidelines" and "Instructions" For "Apparitions', and Other Supernatural Phenomena"

Fox News - The Vatican is preparing to release a document giving guidance on how to discern supernatural phenomena. 

The Holy See Press Office announced the upcoming document will be published May 17 with a live-streamed press conference featuring Prefect for the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández.

Fernández has previously said the dicastery is "in the process of finalizing a new text with clear guidelines and norms for the discernment of apparitions and other phenomena," according to the National Catholic Register.

An "apparition" refers to an instance in which a divine entity — such as a saint, the Virgin Mary, or Christ himself — makes itself known to a person on Earth. The concept is a recurring theme in the Bible and most Christian denominations affirm the belief that such brushes with the supernatural can still occur today in various capacities.

The Catholic Church urges "extreme prudence" before ascribing phenomena to a supernatural force, warning that being too quick to attribute divine origin to explainable occurrences can damage the faith and warp belief.

The Catholic Register (The Vatican's official media arm) had this to say earlier

The Catholic Register - The Vatican’s doctrine office will publish a new document next week on discerning Marian apparitions and other supernatural events.

The Holy See Press Office announced on Tuesday that Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández, the prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith (DDF), will unveil new norms for discernment regarding “apparitions and other supernatural phenomena” on Friday, May 17.

In an interview with the National Catholic Register, CNA’s sister news partner, last month, Fernandez said that the document will provide “clear guidelines and norms” for discernment.

The new norms will be the first time that the Vatican’s doctrinal office has issued a general document on apparitions in four decades. Pope Paul VI approved norms on “the discernment of presumed apparitions or revelations” in 1978.

Tomorrow/today in Italy, the Vatican is set to unveil its updated guidelines for evaluating apparitions and other supernatural occurrences.

The Vatican's doctrinal office last provided criteria for assessing reported apparitions and supernatural phenomena in February 1978 during Pope Paul VI's tenure.

The document released at that time, titled "Norms Regarding the Manner of Proceedings in the Discernment of Presumed Apparitions or Revelations," was prompted by the growing impact of mass media.

Following a purported series of visions of the Virgin Mary by several peasant children in Fátima, Portugal, which included a promise of a public miracle, tens of thousands of people claimed to witness the sun moving erratically and displaying radiant colors for several minutes.

(Here's the official story from an actual priest)


The new guidelines are expected to address situations where a divine figure, such as a saint, the Virgin Mary, or Christ, reveals themselves to an individual on Earth.

It feels like just yesterday Tucker Carlson went on Joe Rogan's podcast and talked about alien beings as being spirits and demons and getting called crazy for it. 

Now, it appears there may possibly be some truth to that as the Catholic Church has decided it needs to issue an official statement, in case something happens.

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I wish this had more to do with the UFO's that we're seeing on a daily basis now, and the verified alien encounters that have been taking place. Sure would throw a wrench in Sister Kathleen's 3rd grade religion teachings that "humans are made in God's image" and that's what separates us from all other living beings. What if there's not only life from other planets, but more intelligent than us? How do you explain that? But I digress…


The announcement comes after Fernández and Matteo met privately with Pope Francis on May 4, a meeting in which the pope likely reviewed the forthcoming document.

The Catholic Church calls for “great prudence” in examining the facts related to presumed apparitions of revelations. According to the 1978 norms, it is the Church’s responsibility to first judge the facts before permitting public devotion in the case of an alleged apparition.

“Throughout the ages, there have been so-called private revelations, some of which have been recognized by the authority of the Church. They do not belong, however, to the deposit of faith,” paragraph 67 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church states.

“It is not their role to improve or complete Christ’s definitive revelation, but to help live more fully by it in a certain period of history. Guided by the magisterium of the Church, the sensus fidelium knows how to discern and welcome in these revelations whatever constitutes an authentic call of Christ or his saints to the Church.”

Is there a cockier organization on the planet than the Catholic Church? They've been dunked on and exposed as hypocrites, crooks, and criminals more times than you can count, way back during the Indulegnce era up through the priest pedophile scandal that rocked America. Yet look at the balls on them. 

"We don't care if a thousand people swear by what they saw. Even if we didn't it's up to US to decide if it was legit or not. God guides US, not you, so through Him and the Holy Spirit we will arrive at our decision."

I know that's from almost 50 years ago but still.  

We shouldn't expect this statement to sound much different. 

It's also convenient they've decided to drop this news just 3 days after the Feast Day of Our Lady Of Fatima celebration.

(Sidebar - is there a weirder place in the world than The Vatican? I don't think so. Honestly. Anybody that's been that's, not my 90 year old grandmother, will agree. From the place being it's own "sovereign country" despite only being a few city blocks in size, to how fucking insanely nice, pristine, and expensive every square inch of the place is, (while the Pope and Church yell for us to feed the hungry), to the guards dressed like they work at Medieval Times, to the quietness. Everything about it gives me the creeps. 

And that's not even mentioning that the place is named after Vatica, the ancient Etruscan goddess of the underworld

Or mentioning that this is the backdrop that the Pope sits in front of at Paul VI Audience Hall where he makes announcements. 

OR, that many believe the building itself resembles a slithering serpent. 


Or that it has supposedly a gigantic museum they call a "private records library" underneath St. Peter's Basilica that conspiracy theorists believe houses some of the world's greatest mysteries and secrets.

The Ancient Aliens guys did a great piece of this that I wish was much longer.

Seems like a lot of the people who laughed should be getting bug-out-bags ready soon.

p.s. - the kooks are claiming this is all in preparation for "Project Blue Beam" and that super powerful and advanced projectors are going to beam apparitions and aliens into the skies. What the end goal of this would be? Who knows. But I blogged about it last year. It's a wild theory but what's even wilder is that we had that kind of technology years ago already and the most advanced projectors are fucking mind glowingly realistic. We can even hear and feel them. How? I have no fucking clue, but watch the videos in my blog, they show them.


p.p.s.- Saw this while looking for the Rogan video. Holy moly buddy chill out you're scaring me.