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Not Only Did The Titans Run Back Their Hilarious Schedule Release Video Of Random People In Nashville Guessing Team Logos, But They Also Got Last Year's Viral 'Red Stallions' Girl To Host

Andy Lyons. Getty Images.

There's that phrase "if it ain't broke don't fix it" and I couldn't imagine it ringing more true than what the Tennessee Titans have going on. Obviously I'm not talking the play of their own team, but actually the way they announce to the world who they will be losing to in the upcoming season. In wake of the today's NFL schedule release, the Titans enlisted the help of last year's viral Red Stallions girl. Have no idea what I'm talking about? Refresh your memory right here.


The world immediately fell in love with that woman. The video was a smash hit and practically broke the internet. 30 million views later the team decided it would be best to run it back for 2024. Not only did they once again ask strangers to hilariously identify other teams' logos, but Red Stallions girl returned to host the damn thing. Tremendous work all around. 

Quick reaction: It seems like everyone believes the Colts logo is the Cowboys, no one will ever figure out who the Jaguars are, the Bears are the Bengals, those two guys are the biggest Kirk Cousins fans alive, and Alix Earle is growing the game. That one woman who said her favorite actor is a fan of the Chargers though. There's no way she meant…

Nah, there's no way. 

Anyways, great job Titans. Was it as good as last year's no, but still nice to watch. Also, no need to send out the smoke patrol. Let her host all of the schedule releases moving forward.