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The New York Jets Have SIX Prime-Time Games Already On The Schedule

Michael Owens. Getty Images.


Apparently myself and other Jets fans aren't the only ones with high hopes this season. The Jets are scheduled to be on SIX prime-time games (which is the maximum) with room for even more after Week 11. At that point in the season and beyond, the Jets can be flexed into additional prime-time games.

One thing I like doing is breaking the schedule into quadrants. I also love the Mike & The Mad Dog game of "win/lohss". That extra "h" is very intentional. This is wild speculation on May 15th. Please keep that in mind:

Quad 1: @49ers(MNF), @Titans, Pats(TNF), Broncos

Hopeful Record: Lohss, Win, Win, Win (3-1)

That 49ers game is tough especially on the road. Those other games are very winnable. It'll be fun seeing Zach Wilson on the other sideline when the Jets destroy the Broncos

Quad 2: Vikings (in London), Bills (MNF), @Steelers (SNF), @Pats, Texans(TNF)

Hopeful Record: Win, Lohss, Win, Win, Lohss (3-2, 6-3 Total)

The London game is a wild card (unless you are the Jags). I think the Jets could be in trouble in that Bills game especially after the travel back from London. The Steelers could be decent this year but do have a very tough schedule. That Pats game should be a rout. I'll call the Texans game a loss because I'm giving the Jets the benefit of the doubt in London and in Pittsburgh.

Quad 3: @Cardinals, Colts (SNF), BYE, Seahawks, @Dolphins

Hopeful Record: Win, Win, Win, Loss (3-1, 9-4 Total)

Cardinals should be terrible. Great teams win against average teams like the Colts and Seahawks. I'll throw a loss on the Dolphins game because it's in Miami

Quad 4: @Jaguars, Rams, @Bills, Dolphins

Hopeful Record: Lohss, Win, Lohss, Win (2-2, 11-6 Total)

Going to throw a loss on the Jags game because Aaron Rodgers is 40 so maybe he'll miss a game or two. Plus, the Jags could bounce back this season. The Rams and Dolphins don't care me at Met Life. Always tough going into Buffalo.

I think I was pretty fair there (or I tried to be). 11-6 seems reasonable but if everything went right (which never happens), this Jets team has a real shot at a 13 win season.

I did also blog about how the Jets getting the Monday Night slot for the first game of the season has me scared shitless.