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Adley Rutschman Walks Off The Blue Jays To Extend The O's Regular Season Sweepless Streak To 105 Series In A Row

Best catcher in baseball did it again folks, he's on fire. The Orioles hit a home run to lead off the bottom of the 1st and the offense went dormant. Fell asleep, luckily Kyle Bradish and the bullpen were able to hold the Blue Jays to just 2 runs in the meantime so they could set the stage for 35. After a Jordan Westburg single in the bottom of the 9th and the risk of being swept in the regular season for the first time in literally 2 years, Adley put the team on his back. Jordan Romano with 95 near the heart of the plate and Adley Rutschman got under it justttttttt enough. This thing was like a coffin corner punt, in the air for 3 minutes it seemed. Watching George Springer react in right field, he didn't know if it was hitting off the scoreboard, going to drop, or be a home run. It was always going to be a home run. The fan reaching out to touch it had no impact on it and the O's ripped out a win from the jaws of defeat. 105 straight regular season series without being swept, think about that. It started 2 years ago when Adley made his debut and they quite literally haven't been swept in the regular season since. In fact, it was 2 years ago TO THE DAY that the O's were last swept in the regular season. 


Sure they got swept in the ALDS vs Texas buttttttt this is only counting regular season. Lots of people saying the regular season sweep streak doesn't matter and I think that's just plain wrong. It means they don't have long losing streaks, they know how to stop the bleeding. People saying "I don't care about the streak" you don't care if they win games? I'm confused by it. Of course you don't want to be swept in the playoffs but it happened, this regular season streak now means they limit the losses in a row and can stop long losing streaks, which I assumed was a good thing. But what do I know? Adley Rutschman is the best catcher in baseball, an MVP Candidate, and a god damn dog. That is what I know. What a dramatic way to keep this streak going an split a series with a team that is scratching and clawing to find a way to stay alive and Adley just shoved it down their throats. Pay the kid. 4 home runs in his last 3 games, he's on fire. 

What an angle here too by my guy Chris. Poetic coming right after that loud mouth hit everyone with a "LETS GO BLUE JAYS". I also love how Adley stumbles out of the box, when he starts doing the Baltimore lean you know he got it. What a win for the O's as they go into an off day with a 27-14 record. Best team in the AL, debate a wall. All hail King Rutschman.