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Dudes Rock: Zach Bryan Bringing This Kid On Stage Then Giving Him His Guitar Is Awesome

Just a fucking sick moment. I will not sit hear and pretend like I was on Zach Bryan day one. Won't do it, wouldn't be authentic. What I will tell you as that the minute his song Revival started popping up on my Tik Tok page I dove in with both feet and put him on the heavy rotation on Spotify. I will also tell you I went down a rabbit hole of Revival being an absolute SPECTACLE  on stage. I was fascinated about how he brings different people on stage and it's just a legit party. Awesome song too. 


So even though I wasn't in on the guy from Day 1, I am very much in on the guy now, and let me tell you stuff like this is awesome. Little kid there for the concert probably one of his biggest fans and Zach makes his day, month, year, life by bringing him on stage to sing his biggest song. Just a fucking awesome moment that makes you wish more musicians did this. Just a fucking awesome moment. The world is probably in a shit place because everyone has a camera phone but with stuff like this it's awesome because now when the kid gets back to school and every naysayer says "yeah right" to the story ... he can pull up the video. If this was 1978 he'd be screwed. 

Final note ... giving the guitar is the cherry on top. Just fuckign awesome moment. Can't get enough of this guy ... does everything right. Shows look awesome.