Once A Knick, Always A Knick - Nothing Warms Our Heart Like Knowing John Starks Still Hates The Pacers, Will Do Anything To See The Knicks Win

We see it every playoff game at the Garden, former Knicks all lining up showing out for this team. There may never be a more beloved Knicks team than we're seeing right now. I say this as someone who lived through 1994 and that era of Knicks basketball. This team has that identity, they don't give a shit and goes ball to the wall. Speaking of that team, no one and I mean no one is more obsessed with the Knicks team than John Starks. The guy is basically on the floor and is willing to go give Thibs a few minutes if need be. 

I mean, come on, look at this energy. 


Popcorn in one hand, never dropping it. He may have accidentally bumped into Steph, but he turned it into the coolest way to dap someone up now. He was ready to start a fast break if need be. 

Need him to get in McConnell's head? Not a problem. 

This is why you don't tank the last game of the season. So many dummies were out there writing the Knicks obituary because they had to play the Sixers. Won that series easily. Now they have homecourt in a series where it's desperately needed. They get to play in front of lunatics like John Starks four times if need be. That's all that matters. 

But this? This just warms my heart. John Starks is everyone's answer to their favorite Knick from the 90s. Hell he might be the leader of this team. He's on his feet every second of the game. He's losing his mind. No doubt he's more tired than Josh Hart after 48 minutes. There's something special about hating the Pacers again, a feeling that has been missing for far too long. The Knicks/Pacers series in the 90s meant something because of the hate, we're getting that back. 

Once a Knick, always a Knick. John Starks still hates the Pacers and that's the way life should be.