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Woj Still Owes A Public Apology

You can read the full backstory here ... 


But to sum things up, Woj and I have had a beef for what feels like forever and it all really stems from one issue. He talked down to me, now you can say this is childish to hold a grudge like this so hard for so long, but what can I say I'm a baby sometimes. Baby is one way to put it, another way is just wanting people to know I was right and that is thed way I choose to remember this feud. 

I just want Woj to admit he was wrong publicly, and not even because I want the credit, but because he was so wrong and so insane in the way he talked down to me. In fact that should be the story. Let's not focus on me getting my apology let's instead focus on the fact that one of the best reporters in the NBA tried making it like a big coach on the rise was going to stay in NJ area because that's where he was from. That's like saying the best actress in Des Moines, Iowa isn't going to move out to Hollywood if she could star in movies. It's fucking insane. I actually think it's crazy more people are making this about the apology and not the fact that Woj absolutely botched his take. Talk about freezing cold. This is as cold as it gets. Hurley is one of the best coaches in the country (in the discussion with Oats,Hodgsen,Sprinkle,Kelsey and Tang just to name a few) so for Woj to make it like this emerging talent was going to stay where ... Wagner ? FDU ? is crazy. I guess he probably assumed he would wait for Seton Hall to open up as that was Danny's alma mater, but to say he was going to pass on a job in between and stay at Wagner is crazy town. I feel like if people removed their bias against me out of this ..... people would be torching Woj for this take. But there's no sense in me dwelling on the past anymore, it's obvious he was wrong, I was right and most importantly he'll never publicly admit it ... so I officially give up. I won the battle but Woj won the war because he might be more stubborn than me. 

PS - insane headline