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Series Over: Donovan Mitchell Is Out Tonight, And People Are Saying His Time In Cleveland Is Probably Done Too

That's all folks! Good season, Cavs. But also not really...

Well, on the positive side of things, at least I can clear my schedule for the evening? Waking up this morning, I figured there was about a 1% chance that the Cavs could go into Boston and beat the Celtics tonight in Game 5, but with this news, that has dropped down to a big fat zero. A gentleman's sweep, 4-1. But at least we'll always have Game 2....


Remember when it was 1-1 with the series heading back to Cleveland for two games? You can check the receipts, I absolutely never got too confident, standing by my declaration that I wouldn't overreact unless the Cavs won two games. But I will admit that I thought there was an okay chance that Cleveland could win one of two at home. Unfortunately we got our dicks kicked in in Game 3, and then Donovan Mitchell was ruled out for Game 4. The boys played hard, but we were not going to win that game.

Which brings us to tonight, Game 5, no Donovan Mitchell, and Brian Windhorst's fat ass on ESPN saying teams like the Lakers and Nets already have packages ready to offer the Cavs this off-season.

This really is Donovan Mitchell's last game in a Cavs uniform, isn't wait? Wait….actually Game 3 would've been the last game in a Cavs uniform. And it would really be a fitting ending for his time in Cleveland, seeing as he was 7 for 12 from the three point line, scored 33 points, and the Cavs lost by double digits. But the point remains, unless Donovan is interested in hearing the Front Office promise to be aggressive in free agency, the smart move is to get what you can for him from a team that will at least get a year out of him. It feels like just yesterday that he arrived, but it really appears that it's now over…

And now people are questioning whether Donovan Mitchell's time, and this Cavs season in particular, was a success or failure. Answer: Mitchell's time, eh. I like that we went for it, but I'd also like to think he'd have gotten us out of the first round last year, and perhaps more than 1 win in the second round this year? And as for this season….not a success. I refuse to believe that tanking to play the Magic, to go to 7 games, to win 1 game in Round 2, was the right move. 

Anyways, that's a wrap for the Cavs this year. And with this Mitchell injury news, at no fault to the Celtics, really won't help the people chirping their Mickey Mouse title run thus far:


Hey, you play the schedule in front of you. What else do you want them to do?