Daniel Cormier Just Hilariously Roasted UFC Fighter Joaquin Buckley For Calling Him A Hoe

I know DC calling someone (anyone) a pussy is hilarious, and we're gonna talk about that - but let's rewind a bit here to give everyone the full story on how we got to this point.

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This past weekend, the UFC made their return to St. Louis for a Fight Night card headlined by Derrick Lewis vs Rodrigo Nascimento. 

In the weeks leading up to the event, St. Louis native Joaquin Buckley was rallying for a big name fight as a hometown guy, and even went as far as crashing the UFC 300 press conference to ask Dana White for a shot….

He played his hand perfectly, and was given a big co-main event fight against Nursulton Ruziboev….

….and everyone seemed really happy for him! He manifested this and would get to perform in front of his city in a huge highlight spot!

When it came to the fight, he performed very well, and the crowd went NUTS for him. He won via unanimous decision, got a huge pop, hugged Randy Orton….

….and of course - Buckley got asked about who he'd like to face next. 

What happened next pretty much lost him all of the good will he had grown over the last couple weeks….


Truly one of the worst, most cringeworthy callouts in UFC history. 

Obviously, Joaquin Buckley could never get a fight with Conor McGregor in a million years, but trying to bait him into a response by calling his family a bunch of "hoes"? C'mon man. That's embarrassing. Not a single person was entertained, and immediately, everyone on MMA Twitter started talking about how stupid it was to waste that moment to mention an asinine pipe dream.

Daniel Cormier said as much with Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen, and Joaquin Buckley responded to that by saying their mommas raised some hoes….

From there - Daniel Cormier went over the top and hit him with the ol' "Shut up Pussy!" tweet….

Absolutely hilarious. It's not often Rated R DC comes out, but when he does, and he reminds you he was a double champ not to be reckoned with - it's the best. He did it to Jake Paul in-person, and now he's done it to Joaquin Buckley. Told him to shut up, called him a pussy, said it was a "dumb ass" callout - actually the worst in history - and made sure to humble him a little at the end.


It's very simple - don't mention DC's mom and you won't be in the line of fire. God bless Cormier.

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