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Feast Your Eyes On Another Jaw-Dropping Obliteration Via The Right Arm Of Mason Miller - The Latest Victim? The Houston Astros

Logan Riely. Getty Images.

Mason Miller did that thing again last night where he destroyed a lineup of professional baseball hitters and had them questioning everything that just happened. For baseball fiends like myself there honestly needs to be an alert system with the MLB TV app anytime Miller picks up a baseball. He is the definition of appointment teleivison and I will go out of my way to watch this dude pitch. 

In a tie game late last night, Miller faced the top 7 hitters of the Houston order. In two innings of hitless work he struck out five, walked one, and generated 8 whiffs on 13 swings. His fire breathing velocity topped out at 103.4 mph, while averaging 100.5mph. He's an alien. A freak. A monster. 


I was forced to take my pants off for the demolition of Altuve.

 The overlay makes it even crazier. 

What are you supposed to do there? If you ever need to explain how hard baseball is, just show that clip. 

Then he made Yordan Alvarez uncomfortable. You know how hard that is to do? 

Pena stood zero chance. 


It's a genuine marvel to watch this many pitch. Maybe the best move the A's have made in recent memory is transitioning him to a reliever after seeing how his audition as a SP was going health wise. Now you have yourself a Frankenstein who appears unstoppable. The question over the next few months will be, what do you do with him? 

The one thing a mediocre or worse team doesn't need is an elite closer. What's the point? That would lead you to believe the A's will at least shop Miller (rumors of this already happening), but then you realize he has 5+ years of team control under him. Are the A's planning on spending at any time in those 5 years? The Vegas move won't happen until 2028, but you gotta think they want to try and be competitive before that time. John Fisher sucks so there's a chance the answer is no. If you were to trade Miller, it would have to be for a stupid, gargantuan haul. And if you're the team trading for him, are you really going to give up multiple top 100 guys for a reliever who could very easily blow out his arm at any moment, especially considering he missed months last year with a UCL sprain. What terrifies me as a Yankee fan, is how easily Baltimore could overpay for this guy and not really dent their future whatsoever. You sure as hell know with their current bullpen situation that they could use him. I really don't need that to happen. 

I've got a feeling Miller wouldn't have an issue going to a contender 

If he was smart he'd keep throwing out these kind of digs and trick that ego-drowned loser John Fisher into a rage trade.  

Either way, Miller remains must watch TV. For Christ's sake his FIP is -0.19. NEGATIVE. His ERA+ is 400. He hasn't given up a run since March 30. His strikeout percentage is 56.7%. The league average for that is 22.7%. His baseball savant page has so much red it resembles hell, which is fitting since that's the place hitters go to when they step in the box against him. 

Sure it's only been 18.1 innings, but until someone is able to figure this all out, I'll continue to have my jaw on the floor.