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I Can't Believe Butch Jones Didn't Have a Better Tenure at Tennessee With Attention to Detail Like This

I've never seen a more perfect embodiment of someone's failure than this letter sent to then-four-star recruit Christian McCaffrey from Tennessee during the ill-fated Butch Jones era. I can't believe Jones's teams weren't better given how much care was clearly put into every aspect of the program.

Now, did Jones personally address that letter? Of course not. But I can guarantee you the letters McCaffrey got from Alabama and Ohio State weren't addressed to Chrsilo. How the fuck do you even misprint a name that badly, anyway? I guess when there's no accountability for anybody in the building, nothing matters.

For all the great players Jones was somehow able to bring in — Alvin Kamara, Jauan Jennings, Josh Dobbs, Derek Barnett, etc. — his incompetence still shined through in instances like this one. At one time, Clemson had a quarterback who was born in Knoxville and who wore No. 16 because he idolized Peyton Manning (Trevor Lawrence), a receiver from Knoxville who was named for Tee Martin (Tee Higgins), and Tee Martin's actual son (Amari Rodgers). Butch Jones couldn't get a single one of them to Tennessee, presumably because there were more recruiting letters being sent out with unintelligible names on them — and probably also the fact that Jones was a huge asshole and a loser.


It's always darkest before the dawn, though. All it took was three straight morons running one of the biggest programs in college football for more than a decade before we finally landed on somebody who can coach some ball. Fuck you, Butch.