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All Is Fine: Tottenham's Ange Postecoglou Was Screaming At His Own Fans Who Were Cheering For A Loss So Arsenal Wouldn't Win Premier League

If you're a soccer fan, you know what yesterday meant. Man City at Tottenham, a win by Man City would put them in the spot to win Premier League. A tie or loss basically handed Arsenal the Premier League barring some sort of miracle on the final day. If you're not a soccer fan, Arsenal and Tottenham are bitter rivals. Hate each other, all that good stuff. 

So naturally us Tottenham fans were put in the spot of trying to steal a Champions League spot and top-4 finish and Arsenal wins the league or lose out on top-4 and Man City in prime spot. Basically all I could think about was Rosie Perez in White Men Can't Jump (my favorite movie of all time, fuck the reboot). 


The quote finally makes sense! It should also be worth noting that Tottenham needed a minor miracle for the top-4. Had to beat Man City and then beat Sheffield United while Aston Villa lost to Crystal Palace. But Ange is pissed, he went off on fans and Tottenham history basically after the 2-0 loss yesterday. 

As a Tottenham supporter this hurts to hear. But we are who we are. Look, we don't win. I know that, you know that. We choke somehow basically every year. We play the what-if game better than anyone else. So if we blow something at least it possibly cost Arsenal the title. Is it loser mentality? Yeah, of course it is. But no one who is a fan wants to see a rival win the title. Let the team with all the money and everyone is sick of win it. 

Can't wait to have some false hope next season. This is life as a Tottenham fan.