After Seeing Mintzy Fit Checks, Here's Three More Tik Tok Trends He Should Embrace

I'll cut right to the chase ... here are three more Tik Tik trends that Ben Mintz needs to embrace to help him go viral make minimal waves on the internet but claim it went viral anyway. 

1- GRWM 


For those not in the know, that's Get Ready With Me. Listen we all know the Destroyer is missing working to attend concerts traveling the world and finds himself in all sorts of corners of the world attending big time events like concerts,charity basketball games, poker tournaments, and concerts. Once he's there he without a doubt goes viral ... 

but imagine if we had content before the content? Imagine we got to see behind the curtain for which jeans and t shirt he was going to wear? Which hair product does he use? Which cologne? Which sneakers? Which of his brick watches? The possibilities are endless folks. Give us a GRWM and stop leaving us guessing. We need to see how the sausage is made. 

2- A transition 

Again … anyone can show themselves all dolled up at the actual event but let's see just how good he looks via a transition. Throw in some good music, or trend music maybe even a rap song nice soft ballad with absolutely no questionable lyrics, with it and have a party. Need more transitions Mintz … embrace it. 

3- Dances


Listen, Mintz can do it all. We've seen it all. Cooking, tackling drills, the combine … everything. The one thing he leaves to be desired is cutting a rug. Tik Tok has a new dance trend every four minutes, stop holding out on us Destroyer let's see you bust a move my man. The possibilities are endless.