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Mintzy Welcomes Barstool's Newest Intern by Shoving a Banana Down His Throat

The man, the myth, the legend. Ben Mintz, boy I tell you they don't make em like this anymore. Some would say that's a good thing, but I'd argue otherwise. Could you imagine how peaceful the world would be if everyone’s brain had the same programming as Mintzy? We'd be lost in the sauce, dancing to whatever fucking music he listens to, stuffing our face with crawfish, and having absolutely zero common sense, but at least we'd all have big hearts.


Nothing says welcome to Barstool quite like hearing the recap from Mintzy's latest "work trip." Everybody get one, it doesn't matter if you're Big Cat, Nick in sales, or an intern, everybody gets a Mintzy report, it's tradition. Typically, once you get the Mintzy report, you're good for the day. After he serves everyone their report, you'll find him in a conference room talking to who knows who about lord knows what, but trust me, everyone can hear him. However, that wasn't the case for Barstool's newest intern. She got the privilege of being invited on to Wake Up Mintzy.

Where he houses an entire banana .02 seconds after asking Hannah to tell the audience about herself. Some would call it disgusting, but I call it Barstool. Never change Mintzy, you are truly one of a kind. 


PS: Did he put the peel IN HIS POCKET??? I think it's time to call the police.