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Young Fan Asks Mike Tyson and Jake Paul What Their Body Counts Are

"Type shit" at 10 years old is fucking wild. I'll be the first to admit this kid sounds exactly like me, but at least I have 10 years of boozing and raging my face to explain the lack of brain cells. This kid has no excuse. I was scared to curse around my mom when I was 10 let alone ask Mike Tyson and Jake Paul about their body count. I didn't even know what a body count was when I was 10. Even if he's 11 or 12 he should be worrying about his first kiss, not other people body counts. That being said, this kid is a fucking legend. He knew what he was doing, he even paid homage to the OG "we outside" kid from New York. 


You just had to be there. 

Am I slightly disappointed in seeing this behavior from our youth? A little, but by no means am I surprised. This has been brewing for years. Kids are probably ripping vapes and smoking weed before they can tie their own shoes. Although the future of this country is absolutely fucked, I am 100% here for the ride.