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TOUGH Look: Dude Trips Himself, Bounces His Belly Off The Floor And Needs Help Up While Walking His Dog During The Westminster Dog Show

Look, the one thing you can't do at the Westminster Dog Show is fall. It's your only job here. Walk your dog and don't fall, something millions of people do every single day. But this big fella took a massive fall and only has himself to blame. Love that they zoomed in on his feet so we could see him trip himself. Takes out any sort of blame to the dog, which is the key here. He only has himself to blame.

Now that said, the fall is fucking hilarious. I don't know what to tell you, any time a heftier fella falls and bounces his belly off the ground I'm going to laugh. Funny is funny. It's like he hit a mini trampoline or at least one of those floors at a kids gym. The bounce for sure scared the dog, probably why he stopped. Credit to the dog, elite teammate. He stops, checks on the guy and waits for him. That's the sort of dog everyone needs in their clubhouse. But come on, if you can't laugh at the guy getting decent air off a belly flop like he's at the Blob in Heavyweights, you're simply refusing to have fun. 


And somehow after that we still get more content. Buddy couldn't get to his feet on his own so we have other handlers coming out everywhere. One guy couldn't even put his own dog down. 

Carrying that good boy like I do one of my kids when it's time to put them in their room. Then the run by the guy in the black suit coming out. Never break character! Always be practicing at the Westminster Dog Show. Don't love the competitor spirit here though if we're being honest. I'm very anti-fake sportsmanship. Don't help up an opponent, let their own teammates help them out. If you're in a solo competition your dog or yourself need to pick you up. Tough look no matter how you want to describe it though. Can't be bellyflopping at the Westminster Dog Show.