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Caitlin Clark Set The Record For Most Turnovers In A WNBA Debut, Which Begs The Question, "Is Caitlin Clark A Bust?"

Rough Tuesday night for Indiana all-around last night. Their Pacers got the doors blown off them by the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, sending the series back to Indianapolis with a 2-3 deficit. The AAA Indianapolis Indians (who have apparently held strong and resisted the urge to change their name to the Indianapolis Baseball Team) were sadly rained out. And their newest superstar Caitlin Clark, who's been charged with singlehandedly launching the WNBA into relevancy, was bullied around the court by a group of larger women who've been waiting 2 years for a chance to do exactly this to America's sweetheart.


Meanwhile, long time WNBA Superstar (i.e. the original Caitlin Clark), who was met at her front door with torches and pitchforks when she had the audacity to suggest that Caitlin Clark just might face the tiniest bit of a learning curve when transitioning to professional basketball, went 7-10 from behind the arc just a month before her 42nd birthday.

Which of course begs the question, "Is Caitlin Clark a bust?"

It's certainly a question. Can you imagine? If Caitlin Clark actually turned out to be a massive bust in the WNBA? I'd give that about a .001% chance of happening. There's no way player who shoots the ball that well, and was that insanely dominant in college doesn't at bare minimum have a long solid career. It's not even like she played that terribly last night. She still put up 20 points in her WNBA debut. She went 4/11 from three, which isn't great, but certainly not a disaster.


 And I have it on good authority that the refs had it out for her from the jump

Caitlin Clark will be fine. She'll be more than fine. She'll be phenomenal. But like… think about it… if Caitlin Clark actually just ended up sucking in the WNBA. Her shots just stop falling. She can't play defense. She's a turnover machine. She's a full blown liability on the court. With the amount of pressure and expectations that have been put on her. Nobody has ever meant more to a league than she means to the WNBA. It would honestly be more catastrophic than if LeBron was a flop. I'm truly not sure if America could survive that. A race war would certainly ensue. Full blown civil war really. 

But that will never happen. She's got a good head on her shoulders. She's saying all the right things. 

She'll be just fine. I shouldn't even have floated that out there. Caitlin Clark is the princess that was promised. Within no time she'll be back to her old self draining shots from the logo and fist fighting Angel Reese at halfcourt. You got this Caitlin. Don't let the haters bring you down. Awesome commercial by the way.