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We're All Doomed: Nerds Have Developed Technology To Read People's Minds With Alarming Accuracy

Andrew Brookes. Getty Images.

NDTV -- Scientists have made "significant" strides in the field of reading people's minds. Researchers from California were able to decode the thoughts of participants into words with 79 per cent accuracy. The device has been developed by Caltech's T&C Chen Brain-Machine Interface Centre and will help patients with speech and non-verbal disorders. These 'speech decoders' act as brain-machine interface and capture brain activity during inner speech and translate it into language. The technology is making news because of its high accuracy.

The study has been published in Nature Human Behaviour.

You ever get the feeling that the smartest people in the world are the ones who are actively trying to fuck us the hardest? It just seems like every day scientists are coming out with something new that is going to destroy humanity. 


First they decided to create robots that are significantly bigger and stronger and faster than humans. Then they developed Artificial Intelligence that is significantly smarter than humans. You throw that AI technology into any of those robots and you have the most powerful thing on the planet. 

But now? Well now they don't even need robots or AI to take down humanity. Now they'll just wait for us to do it ourselves. Because the moment you let everyone read each other's thoughts, it over. It's done. Kaput. I mean literally the only thing holding the fabric of society together is the fact that we don't actually know what everyone else is thinking at all times. 

You can hide how you truly feel with what you say and your body language. You can walk around thinking that everyone around you is a fucking moron, but they don't need to know that because you are able to filter your thoughts before you act or speak on them. But you can't hide the way you think. You can't change your thoughts. You don't have control over your brain like that because your brain works faster than you do. Like how you're thinking about an elephant right now after reading this sentence. You can't filter your thoughts before they pop into your head. 

So I get how maybe this new technology could be deemed useful for people with speech or non-verbal disorders. But is the juice worth the squeeze? You have to take into consideration how much chaos and turmoil this type of technology will bring along with it. We're all a bunch of sick, twisted, disgusting animals at our very core. You don't want all of those thoughts getting broadcasted to the public. But once the technology to read people's minds becomes as accessible as having an iPhone in your pocket, there's no more hiding it. Friendships will end, lives will be ruined, wars will be waged, humanity as we know it will be cooked forever. And they wouldn't have even needed to release the robots on us.