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Knicks Outhustle, Outmuscle, And Straight Up Outplay The Pacers In A Game 5 Blowout

There it is. There's Game 5. Sure Jalen Brunson put up fo' fo', Deuce did EXACTLY what the Knicks needed at both sides of the court after being inserted into the starting lineup, and Alec Burks looked like the Alec Burks that was one of the Knicks best options during that 2020-21 season that seems like it happened 1000 years ago allowed us Knicks fans to breathe easy at the end of a game for the first time all playoffs. 

But it was the Hart Brothers playing with, well, heart that powered the Knicks in a Must Win game that everyone was nervous about as soon as Sunday's bloodbath was over.


It's a good thing those guys came through too because I'm pretty sure these two maniacs would've been willing to give Thibs some minutes if he needed them.

Of course The Garden gets a shout out too for being exactly what the Knicks needed tonight. I wonder if Crying Ricky Carlisle is going to file a complaint about MSG being too loud.

Obligatory Jalen Brunson stat that has him doing shit that only immortals have done in the playoffs:


Obligatory shirt plug:

That's enough about tonight because the job isn't finished yet. We are now on to Game 6 on Friday (please God let the Celtics win tomorrow so the Knicks don't have to play at 6 PM. Every hour of rest matters to those worn down bodies). 

No matter what happens, you know this sick son of a bitch will have his team ready to play with whatever adjustments have to be made.

Ohhhhh shitttttt, look what we just got in the postgame press conference!

Thibs gonna make himself run sprints for showing happiness in the middle of a series. At least once he is done with his tape breakdown, which actually goes from the time the game ends until the next one starts. Guess he'll have to run those during the summer. Until then, let's just focus on bringing tonight's energy on Friday in Indiana since this Knicks team is apparently not running on E like everyone who didn't watch them thought they were. SVG gets it.