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All-You-Can-Eat Shrimp At Red Lobster Has Forced The Restaurant Into Bankruptcy


I can't believe what I just read. Say it ain't so! Another great American institution is shutting its doors...because it was TOO POPULAR! Who would have ever thought too many people wanting all you can eat shrimp would be the downfall of Red Lobster as we once knew it??? I could understand if people were eating too many of those biscuits, but the nail in the coffin for the Lobster was millions of dollars of ocean bugs. Call me naive, but how much could 1 shrimp possibly cost???? Stunning news this Wednesday morning.

It really makes me think about how hard it must be to operate a business of that size. You need to get people in the doors, buying soft drinks for $4, ordering microwaved lobster for $42. But at the same time, you can't offer a deal SO GOOD that it puts your entire restaurant empire out of business. A tricky balancing act indeed. And unfortunately Red Lobster's shrimp were simply too mouth watering and delicious. 


It makes me wonder...what's next? We cannot lose any more of these establishments that this country is built upon. What if we lose Chilis because too much chips and salsa????? I don't even want to think about it...but...what if Olive Garden goes under because of the never ending pasta bowl???? They can send billions of dollars to Ukraine, bail out the banks and airlines, but are willing to let the best of the best restaurants shutter their doors? Make it make sense!

From reading more it doesn't sounds like every Red Lobster will be closing, but a decent amount. Hug your loved ones closer tonight, you never know what could be next. Pray for this guy: