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Amazon is Making a True Crime Documentary on The Story of "ChiefsAholic", the Chiefs Superfan + Serial Bankrobber


First off, A+ title from the producers of this documentary. "ChiefsAholic: A Wolf in Chiefs Clothing". Zero fat on that title. Great play on words. Perfectly summarizes exactly what ChiefsAholic was. The title alone makes this documentary deserving of a watch.  You knocked it out of the park title-wise Amazon. Well done.

If you don't know the story of ChiefsAholic, aka Xavier Babudar, he's the Chiefs Superfan who would help pay for his tickets via robbing bank. Oftentimes the banks were enroute to Chiefs away games (and no, I know what you're thinking... he did not rob the banks in his wolf mask. I was disappointed to learn that that too).

But it all came to a head last year. ChiefsAholics' legendary run was finally thwarted. Although he didn't go down without a fight. After he was arrested and placed on house arrest, he cut off his ankle monitor, skipped his arraignment, and robbed 2 additional banks until he was finally caught in Sacramento. 

He's now being held without bail, he faces 50 years in prison, and has been ordered by a judge to pay $10.8M to a single bank teller who ChiefsAholic threatened at gunpoint (Which is kinda crazy considering he only owes $532,675 in restitution. And it's not like ChiefsAholic is ever going to make good on $10.8M. It's like how Alex Jones owes $1.5B to the Sandy Hook families. You might as well just set up a lifetime recurring payment). He also has to forfeit a signed Patrick Mahomes jersey.

Anyways, I'm sure the documentary will be great. I'm very interested to hear about the exploits of Xavier Babudar in greater detail. It would be awesome if they interviewed him personally. To be honest though, I'd almost prefer a dramatization of his life. Even if it's only half based in truth. The story of a man traveling the Kansas City Chiefs around the world and robbing banks is a unique story with a ton of potential. 

And fingers crossed the documentary includes Chiefsaholic's lawyer. In defense of ChiefsAholic's character, his lawyer delivered a truly all-time speech on the steps of the courthouse.