Killer Whales Continue to Sink Ships In The Straight Of Gibraltar

MADRID, May 13 (Reuters) - An unknown number of orcas have sunk a sailing yacht after ramming it in Moroccan waters in the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain's maritime rescue service said on Monday, a new attack in what has become a trend in the past four years.

The vessel Alboran Cognac, which measured 15 metres (49 feet) in length and carried two people, encountered the highly social apex predators, also known as killer whales, at 9 a.m. local time (0700 GMT) on Sunday, the service said.

The passengers reported feeling sudden blows to the hull and rudder before water started seeping into the ship. After alerting the rescue services, a nearby oil tanker took them onboard and transported them to Gibraltar.

The yacht was left adrift and eventually sank.

The incident is the latest example of recurring orca rammings around the Gibraltar Strait that separates Europe from Africa and off the Atlantic coast of Portugal and northwestern Spain.

So, you may have heard an earlier take I had on this being Russian-trained terrorist whales. It's not that far off because we know Russia has both trained Terrorists and whales before.  


The thing is, this hasn't been a freak occurrence and has actually been a persistent attack on yachts in the Straight of Gibraltar which is the mouth of the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. 

The common interpretation of Killer whales is that they don’t attack humans and have never killed a human in the wild. I think we are seeing a huge change in Whale-Human relations that have been built up over centuries. No, seriously, there has been an actual treaty.

In the 1860s, killer whales struck a kind of deal with European whalers in Eden, one that the coastal Thaua people*—part of the Aboriginal Yuin Nation—had laid the groundwork for thousands of years. With the guidance of Thaua crew members, the whalers went from treating the orcas as pests to seeing them as partners, under what came to be known as the “Law of the Tongue,” in which orcas would help the whalers find and catch larger baleen whales, in exchange for their favorite parts: the lips and tongue. The deal went swimmingly, it seems, until, it is said, white whalers ruined it.

These attacks seem to indicate that even though human and whale don’t hunt together anymore they may be straight up now at war at least in the straight. 

This is a video from it where they systematically take out the rudder to leave the sailboat dead in the water. 

The story behind the Orca attacks is almost freakier because I don't know how many creatures besides humans hold blood feuds against all humans. 

It emerged last month that a female killer whale nicknamed White Gladis, thought to have been left traumatised by a collision with a boat, may be responsible for a number of the assaults after she taught other orcas to attack vessels. 

Scientists believe White Gladis is taking revenge on boats by coaching orcas, who have already caused two yachts to sink.


I seriously predict that these attacks in the straights of Gibraltar will turn into the first recorded Human murdered by an Orca in the wild. We know they are capable of killing in captivity. When the Orcas truly turn we will all have to live in fear from the one thing in the ocean that would save us from great white sharks.  

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The animal world is evolving right before our eyes. 

We recently had a guy who had collected a huge amount of evidence that the MH370 Malaysian Airline may have been abducted by some UFOs. It sounds pretty out there until you hear him out about how it could not possibly be faked with statistics to back him up.