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The NFL Continues to Protect The Buffalo Bills From The Sun: The Bills Will Play The Dolphins on TNF Week 2

I don't even know what to say anymore. The NFL is so pussy it makes me sick. Ever since Josh Allen has been drafted he's been my abusive step father. Every time this fucking prick plays my team he beats the living piss out of us. 


33 touchdowns, 3,363 yards, and a 10-2 record how the fuck am I supposed to talk shit about this fucking prick? He owns me. But you know what he doesn't own? The sun. That's right, this fucking prick and his bubble gum teammates can't handle the heat. The last time Josh Allen had to play in Miami in the middle of September he left the game crying on Tua's shoulder and hooked up to an IV bag. 

Not to mention, their fans dead ass submitted claims to OSHA because of how hot it was. Get the fuck out of here with that pussy shit. Every team has their home field advantage, and this league continues to strip us of ours. I'll bet you $100 that they make us play in Buffalo in either December or January. Watch, they'll make us play all the sorry ass teams on our schedule in September and then give us the world beaters late in the year when our entire team is hurt, and balls are shrunk from the cold weather. Am I crying? You bet your ass I'm crying. I've been crying for 24 years, and I'll continue to cry until I see my team win a playoff game.

Fuck you, NFL, and your sorry ass scheduling. Get these super star quarterbacks dick out of your mouth and let each team benefit from their home field advantage.