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Tom Brady Will Make His Broadcasting Debut In Cleveland For The Browns vs. Cowboys Nationally Televised Week 1 Game

Oh wow. America's Team vs. the Cowboys in Week 1....in Cleveland....in the 4:25 national slot? Is it bad that my first thought, before the excitement of such a premier game vs. a premier opponent, goes straight to a 4:25 start meaning that the NFL is giving Browns fans all day to drink in the Muni Lot before coming into the stadium? Goodell might be barking up the wrong tree here. It's one thing to let us drink all day on a Thursday in December when it's freezing outside, but September 9th? First NFL Sunday? UNDEFEATED TEAM in the warm weather? This could get dangerous. But I love every single thing about it.



Look I'm honored to be the game that Brady calls as the first in his career, but I'm also 100% certain that he's going to have the Cowboys dick so far down his throat that we won't even be able to hear him talk. That's how it works with these National TV guys. Or maybe Brady will be different? Maybe he'll put some respect on Cleveland's name, unlike the Cowboys' Micah Parsons did this off-season.

I don't think this classifies as real beef, but I also don't think you can put the toothpaste back in the tube on this one. I don't anticipate Browns fans will be too kind to the Cowboys in general, but this will certainly add some juice and some boos and some booze in the pregame. Should be an electric atmosphere in Cleveland in Week 1.