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Netflix, Apple, and Peacock Have Created A Revolutionary New Idea Where You Can Pay To Get All 3 Streaming Apps In One Place For A Cheaper Price


Well I'll be god dammed! What a new, revolutionary idea. I cannot believe nobody thought about this before. Now, bear with me here, because it probably will take some explaining to do. But I think I have figured it out- you see, you will pay 1 price and get all 3 streaming apps in one place. Weird, right? I don't know if the simple mind can even comprehend that. Like...ok. So you turn on your TV, and instead of having to choose between going to Netflix, Apple TV, or Peacock...all 3 are available right there, in one combined app.

This is a long time coming, obviously. Us, the common man consumer, cannot possibly keep buying every single app. Something HAS to give. We never even stopped liking cable is the crazy thing! Cable still makes the most sense, especially because live sports on things like YouTube TV are on delay. Paying for cable and getting all the channels to flip through is still pretty great in my opinion. So right now I do in fact pay for cable, as well as every streaming app. It's awful! I hate it! But it's necessary in today's day and age. I just never check my monthly bills because I know I'm paying way too much for shitty streaming services like Hulu that I haven't logged into in months. Fuck Hulu. Terrible interface, terrible tech, terrible library...will never stop paying for it because once a year they have something like "Dopesick" that is a must-watch. 


Hopefully this merger between Netflix, AppleTV, and Peacock starts a trend. All our TV in one place, PLEASE. 


PS: The fact it's through Comcast is a thing I don't even want to think about. I don't even think Comcast is an option in NYC? It's shitty Spectrum or awesome Fios. That's a problem for another day.