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"You Don't Mess With My Wife...At Least Back Then You Didn't." Drew Bledsoe Continues To Take Shots At Tom Brady Two Weeks After Roasting Him On Stage


Soruce - It's been a week since the 'Greatest Roast Of All Time,' but Tom Brady is still taking a beating ... 'cause Drew Bledsoe just fired off another joke about Gisele Bündchen!!

The former Patriots quarterback made the wisecrack on FanDuel TV this week ... when he detailed the last time he ran into the former couple during a ski trip back in the day.

The Video:


(joke at :55)

Do I hate Drew Bledsoe? Because I'm not sure how I feel after that comment. Maybe someone needs to pop on set and take the wine glass out of his hand before he does another interview. The roast is OVER brotha, time to move on. I'm not trying to drive a wedge in between Patriots Nation either, it just felt weird. Then again, he did bring things full circle by saying how much respect he and Tom have for each other but still…yeesh. 

And for those of you wondering where they were skiing, it's called "The Yellowstone Club" and you can't afford it. Initial membership dues are $400k plus $40k per year among other fees. Single family condos start at $3 million and can easily soar into the tens of millions. It's marketed as private residential club/ski mountain/resort/golf course in Big Sky, Montana where everyone from Bill Gates to Drew Bledsoe to the guy who stole Drew Bledsoe's job goes to relax. Search it on TikTok if you wanna see what it's like. 

Anywho, if I'm coming off as being overly protective of Tom…it's because I am. He's been through enough in the past 6 months, let's let the GOAT relax. He's earned it.