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The SEC Giving Us Kentucky vs John Calipari Just One Time Next Season Is The Dumbest Decision They've Ever Made

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (catches breath for a second). This is how everyone with a brain should feel. There's no good reason to give us Kentucky vs John Calipari University once next season. You have massive fanbases on the edge of their seat for these games and you're taking one away from us because Texas and Oklahoma are coming into the league. Fuck that. I don't want to play like Vanderbilt twice, can we flex the second game in? 

The only positive and smart thing they did was put this game in Rupp Arena. You make John Calipari come back to Rupp, you don't send Kentucky the land of Wal Mart and chicken. You make John Calipari come in the visitors entrance, get welcomes with the loudest boos known to man and stand there looking at a handsome, bald man. Maybe two handsome bald men if ticket prices aren't a million dollars like they very well might be. 


People may not know this, but Arkansas/Kentucky is a rivalry and was a rivalry before John Calipari got involved. It was the go-to rivalry in the 90s before Florida took Arkansas spot. But there is some true hate between the two schools. That's why I want to see the game twice. I love playing Louisville once because they aren't in the SEC. Rivalry games like that are better when there's one game each year. But taking away a built-in rivalry, the matchup that will draw the most eyeballs this year and limiting it to one game is beyond stupid. No-brainer to start the SEC season with the game in Rupp, last game of the season in Arkansas. That's how you do it. 

Now for this one game? You better put this after football season. It needs to be late in the year, right around the time John Calipari starts using the bullet in his chamber about how his team is made for March. We all know when that is, usually around the time a bad loss happens after winning some big games. God, I can't wait to boo him and Mark Pope tower over Calipari after a win.