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Taylor Swift's 'The Eras Tour' Is Back And Somehow Better Than It Ever Was - Full Paris Recap

I barely have words to describe the magic that was Taylor Swift in Paris this past weekend. It's taken me two days to even try and write it all down - my mind and soul are still in Box 27 at Paris La Defense Arena.  Coming back to the Eras Tour from a nearly 2 month break (and a double album drop,) we knew that Paris would truly be something something special. What actually happened, I'm not sure any of us were prepared for - 23 new outfits, a full new set with costumes and choreography for the Tortured Poets Department (complete with the song dedicated to her new boyfriend), and what felt like a breath of new life into a tour that's been going on for over a year. In Paris, we Begin Again:


I'll get my own personal story out of the way - my friends and I were able to contact the arena in Paris last June when the European dates were announced, and inquired about a box. Somehow, it was available and even more surprisingly, didn't completely break the bank as far as Taylor Swift tickets are concerned. We ended up bringing 20 people to France, friends of mine from all different facets of life and their friends as well, and had the time of our fucking lives. Champagne was flowing, food and desserts were appearing every 10 minutes - we had an amazing view and all of that alone made for the night of a lifetime. But then? We found out that there were changes to the show....the biggest being an ENTIRE new section for The Tortured Poets Department. Holy FUCK. 

She played:

But Daddy I Love Him

So High School (TRAVIS' SONG, complete with swag surfing and mimicked reactions of Taylor and her friends at various games they attended)

Who's Afraid Of Little Old Me? (I truly lost my fucking mind during this song. The moving stage, the special effects, everything was out of control. Her VOICE!!!! Insane. Just insane.)


Down Bad (incredible)

Fortnight (complete with a rotating bed with the TTPD logo in each side frame, and another acted out scene like in Tolerate It (RIP))

The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived (complete with a FULL fucking drumline, this entire song was out of control)

I Can Do It With A Broken Heart (this whole song started out with a scene of Taylor being moved around like a doll, being encouraged to perform even when she she's feeling her worst - VERY broadway musical, old timey movie vibes.)


Truly insane from top to bottom. She has dubbed the entire set "Female Rage: The Musical" and copyrighted it to boot. It's insane to think about the fact that while we were all watching her do the Eras Tour this past year, she's been secretly planning this entire extra performance. In early days of the tour, she shared a picture of all her microphones for the show and a white one was included WAY BACK THEN. It's all too much to even comprehend! Huge shoutouts to her dancers and crew as well, who I'm sure have been practicing just as long and hard on all of this as Taylor has. 

Let's take a moment to remember our fallen soldiers - those songs that have been cut from the Eras Tour moving forward:

- The Archer

- Tis the damn season

- Tolerate it

- Long Live

- The 1

- The Last Great American Dynasty

We thank them for their service, and will always remember what they have given us over the past year (and will continue to give us every time we rewatch The Eras Tour Movie on Disney Plus.)

All four nights of Paris were out of this world, but Travis Kelce's appearance at her closing night truly seemed to be a different experience. She flirted with him in the stands, he danced his ass off, and these two crazy kids REALLY SEEM LIKE THE REAL DEAL! 

God bless Taylor Swift. Check out our full recap on Taylor Watch!