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Fats Are Risking The British Economy By Taking Off And Being Sick Twice As Much As Their Non-Fat Co-Workers

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Sometimes you come across research that just makes sense. Look, no one loves the bigs more than me but we know that there are some medical drawbacks to packing on the el bees. That suspicion was confirmed with some new reporting from our friends across the pond. 

Data showed people with obesity are up to twice as likely to be off sick than those of a healthy weight. In the first detailed breakdown of how sick days vary according to weight, researchers revealed the UK is 'among the worst' of 28 countries examined for obesity absenteeism.

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I would bet that "among the worst" is written that way so that the British media wasn't forced to give the ole United States the top billing once again. Jealousy is a stinky cologne, England. Give us our fat flowers, you pieces of shit. 

Data for the UK showed that those classed as obese, with a BMI over 30, were almost a quarter (23 per cent) more likely to be absent from work for any period of time. Severely obese people – with a BMI over 40 – were more than twice as likely (118 per cent) to take time off. They warned it was one of the 'gravest fiscal risks' facing the UK economy, cementing our reputation as the 'sick man of Europe'. 

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The more you think about it, the more it makes sense. This weekend I went out to eat at a place called Frontier. It was absolutely delicious. The place is designed around game food. 

They had large portions that were prepared for groups. My pals and I got a board that had boar shoulder, chicken thighs, duck wings, and elk steak. It was delicious. In fact, it was one of the best restaurants that I've been to in a long, long while. 

After eating and going to a concert, my feet were swollen. I was walking gingerly, and I felt like shit. Too much salt. Too much food. 

Imagine if that was every day. You couldn't work every day if that were the case. You need to take it easy, relax, and have a couple of bites of ice cream to take the edge off. Nothing wrong with that unless you are trying to boost the economy of your beloved country. 

Katharine Jenner, director of the Obesity Health Alliance, said: 'This research lays it bare – high rates of obesity-related disease is driving down economic productivity, with devastating economic impacts.'

A Government spokesman said: 'Our £2.5billion Back to Work Plan will help over a million people, including those with long-term health conditions associated with obesity, to break down barriers to work.'

Some people lambast the system of unbridled capitalism but if it ends up saving your fat mom, it might be worth it to lose some of the weight. If you want a better understanding of why losing weight is important, ask my buddy Rone. 


Ps: this blog was not intended to fat shame. Its more of a blog about the economy and health.