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I Am Now A Slave In The Band GWAR


I have no idea how this video came together. Not sure if we reached out to GWAR or they reached out to us, but as soon as we were presented with the opportunity to make some content with them it was an IMMEDIATE yes, as they're fucking LEGENDS. 

Some of you will know exactly who they are and why they're legends, some of you won't and that's fine. Now you do. Better late than never. 

If you fall into the latter category and have no clue who or what GWAR is, they're a metal band composed of an ELITE fighting force of aliens that got booted from their home planet for being assholes. After getting booted they decided to form a fighting force and tasked themselves with conquering earth. 

Here they are conquering a bunch of loser earthlings with their guitars, drums, blood and space cum: 


They also know American politics are the wwwoooorrrsssstttt and have killed every president in history on stage: 

Here's one to make you crybaby libs pour buckets of tears

And here's one to make you MAGA cucks heads explode: 

Now I'm not lucky enough to have ever seen them live, (it's officially on the to-do list this summer, planning on their STL show) but their shows are supposed to be ABSURDLY fun. I was lucky enough to get to spend a day with them and enter their world though. My goal with this video is to destroy Tiny Desk's GWAR video in views: 

Just kidding, that'd be sick though…


Shout out to Corey Rutledge on the edit and the whole team at Backstage. Corey was the one with the vision to turn this into an X-rated episode of adult swim, so to speak, with random 90s style "CROSSFIRE" type commercials and cheesy ads for therapists with the GWAR spin on it.  We were in THEIR world, not on earth. HE CRUSHED IT.  

And of course shout out to the legends that are those scumbags at GWAR. 

We also got a weekly podcast with this whole team. Listen to it and get learnt up on everything music related: