HE HAS RISEN: The Legend Himself Roaring Kitty Returned To Twitter And Now GME Stock Is Up Over 80%


I don't want to give all the background to who Roaring Kitty is and all that. They made a god damn movie about him (Dave was in it!) and the $GME short squeeze in January 2021. You might recall the scumbags at Robinhood shutting off trading so the common man couldn't get rich off of it. Just a wild time, that winter 3 years ago. 

Well last night, Roaring Kitty, the catalyst behind it all, posted his first tweet in 3 years.

And then this morning, premarket, GME did this:





Giphy Images.


Buckle up, backaroos! 

What does this all mean? Who knows! All we know now is all the WSB guys are buying up GME stock and sending it the moon! I gotta say, I'm excited to sit on the outside of this and refresh the ticker all day and just see what happens.

Is Roaring Kitty about to make another $50 million?



And of course GME's running mate, the Robin to GME's Batman AMC is doing its thing too.




If you bought more in the last 3 years you must be cumming yourself out of the stratosphere right now. If you held from before you simply cannot believe now you have a chance to sell for profit. And if you're like everyone else who forgot this happened and never got in, don't worry, you're not alone. This stock game ain't easy…sometimes stocks don't only go up. 

That's what BTC is for.



EDIT: I started this blog and it was up 50%. It is now up another 20% since.

And Davey is going through it again.



Should be a fun day on the internet. 

EDIT: Up another 15%. 90% overall now.